Veteran using PTSD as propaganda for anti-gun laws

U.S. Army veteran Art Leal says the new open carry law in Texas can trigger PTSD.

According to, Leal is asking local businesses to “rethink” open carry policies in their establishments. He passes out small cards reminding business owners of the triggers of PTSD and at the bottom of the card, in bold red letters, it says “I will never be back.”

Leal served in the U.S. Army for eight years and is a Gulf War veteran, who claims to be 30% disabled. He says the new open carry law can cause additional anxiety for many vets with PTSD.

On Leal’s public Facebook page, he writes that he’s an “active community member” who has a “passion for volunteering and helping people.”

Leal told local reporters that he does support second amendment rights, it’s just the open carry law that he has a problem with.

“It’s everyone’s right to bear arms and we’re 100 percent for concealed carry,” Leal said. “Be considerate of those individuals that may have a stressor or trigger if someone is open carrying.”

Dr. Sudip Bose a PTSD expert told the local news outlet that the disorder could affect a person’s fight or flight response. “Sometimes that switch flips when it shouldn’t be flipped,” Bose said.

“The mental scars and the mental abrasions people have from that traumatic event on the battle field…that can go on for years and years,” he added.

However, this idea that guns scare service members is not sitting well with many members of the community- including vets.

In fact, several veterans are confronting Leal about the card he’s passing around on social media.

Drew Norman, a U.S. Army Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, posted to Leal’s page saying in part:  “I’ve had my hands in my friends guts before, what grounds do you have to speak for me?”

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