Veteran trolls Antifa protester who was hit in the “no nos” with tear gas

An Arizona man -presumably a veteran- set up a series of hilarious videos spoofing the far-left militant Antifa movement.

Dressing in a shemagh and wearing a compression “SEAL suit” (because it “makes you look like a seal”), the man known as Camacho showed us sweet karate moves that could only be upstaged in hilarity by Napoleon Dynamite.

The quirky pseudo-revolutionary also went to Starbucks, presumably to spy on the terrible symbol of capitalism- a system that Antifa (who has its roots based in Anarcho-Communist ideologies) violently opposes.

However, not all went according to plan. Camacho also filmed himself inside a hospital room, reportedly sustaining an injury to his “no-no” by way of an evil Nazi.

Originating from the German Communist Party during the era of the Weimar Republic, the original Antifa served as the “other side” of the extremist coin, squaring off against Nazis in the name of leftist ideologies until they lost to the latter faction prior to World War II.

Due to lack of reading comprehension or simply believing what they want to hear, many Americans have convinced themselves to take term “Anti-Fascist” literally, instead of identifying it as a militant left-wing movement that mirrors -and is no better- than fascism itself.

“Camacho” sees the irony in this predicament, and has brought us parody to lift our weary spirits. For that, Camacho, we salute you.

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