Military member shoots back after gunman opens fire at him

By Ann Rowland

An unidentified military service member with a conceal carry permit was able to take down an armed assailant during an incident following a July 4th party in Chicago.  A 22 year old man remains hospitalized after being shot twice by the service member.   A court hearing was held on Sunday and he is being held on $950,000 bond and charged with attempted murder.

The service member was leaving a party on Friday night with three other people when a woman who was with the group noticed a cup of liquor on top of her car.  She asked people at the house next door who the cup belonged to and proceeded to remove it from her car.  According to Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain, Denzel Mickiel, 22, then approached the woman and her friends shouting and threatening the group.

During Sunday’s court hearing, Hain alleged that Mickiel then went into the residence and came back with a gun shooting at the service member and his friends.  The service member took out his gun and crouched down behind the car and shot twice at Mickiel, hitting him both times.  One woman with the service member was also shot prior to all four escaping in two separate vehicles.  Witnesses said that two unidentified gunmen continued shooting at the vehicles while they were driving away from the scene.

The woman who was injured during the shooting incident received wounds to her arms and back and was stabilized and transported to a local hospital.  Mickiel was also transported to the hospital and was in critical condition.  He did not attend Sunday’s court hearing.

Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons was struck down by a federal appeals court in late 2012.  At the time, Illinois was the only remaining state to have such a ban and the law permitting conceal carry went into effect in July 2013.

This was a particularly violent 4th of July weekend in Chicago with 82 shootings and 14 fatalities.  While many Chicago politicians continue to try to get gun control laws enacted, it is clear that the conceal carry law permitted one service member to save the lives of himself and his friends.

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