Veteran who served “very briefly” in Army patrolling neighborhood armed

A former US Army Combat Engineer was taking to the streets with his rifle in the desert heat- and Las Vegas residents weren’t happy about it.
Conor Climo patrolled the streets of a Las Vegas suburb armed with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and Cold War-era web gear on last week, causing alarm among his neighborhood’s residents.

“If there is possibly a very determined enemy, we at least have the means to deal with it,” Climo said last week.

The 20-year-old was armed with a rifle and a knife, carrying spare ammo in a Cold War-era Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest that is commonly issued with TA-50 but never used by modern forces.

Police said his actions were legal as long as he stays away from restricted zones, like schools and certain government buildings.

When asked by KNTV if he served in the military, he responded  that he had served very briefly. His social media page lists his former occupation as a US Army Combat Engineer. It is unknown just how long he actually served, if at all. He also noted he was working on being a private investigator.

While some neighbors were hoping the patrols would deter criminals, others felt quite uncomfortable and raised their concerns over a lone armed man walking the streets.

After enough feedback from his community, Climo suspended future patrols.

“There have been some people completely critical, and I personally admire their criticism,” says Climo.  “I realized I didn’t need all that gear.”

Other citizens of the area have since reached out to Climo, offering to help his neighborhood patrol idea- under certain conditions.

“Let’s put the gun down, that’s a bit extreme,” says Tony Twocrow, who patrols his own neighborhood in a more low-profile and civilian-friendly fashion.

“I’m not that extreme, I approach people a different way,” says Twocrow,

Climo says other people have reached out to him offering support and that he will gladly cease open-carrying while on patrols if it means more help.

“We need to establish neighborhood watch programs throughout all of Las Vegas,” says Climo.

Climo says the new volunteers will meet Monday, and they hope to start patrols on Tuesday.

YouTube video

YouTube video


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