Veteran says he’s living in car because he’ll attack other vets at VA home

A military veteran from New York has taken to living in a minivan, claiming that his PTSD makes him a danger to others.

Did we mention he’s on a dating website?

The veteran, who goes by Sam, reportedly has such difficulty interacting with people that he cannot hold down a job, and has not been able to do so for over two years.

“I am a PTSD vet who can’t really… I can’t really find work because of my PTSD,” he said. “I either go on the attack or I run away. I think a little like a pussycat.”

Living on $400 a month, Sam took out a loan for several thousand dollars from his parents so that he could buy his minivan, which is fitted out with luxurious amenities… Such as a cot and bottles of Gatorade.

“I have a little cut in the back with my little wimpy pad, which is amazing, actually,” he said. “It’s more comfortable than a bed, I really like it.”

Sam claims that he suffered horrible abuse from his ex-fiancee, and still cries over having to break off their two-year engagement.

The VA has offered to put Sam into housing, provided he goes to group therapy. Sam has refused, however, claiming that groups of more than 10 people would be dangerous for everyone around him.

“I would if I could, but they start talking about trauma and I’m going to just lose my s**t,” he said. “Either attack somebody or run away.”

Sam currently jumps between Walmart parking lots and has a Plenty of Fish dating account, though he admits that he mostly gets attention from spam bots.

” I’m not the best looking guy, you can tell,” he said. “But ouch, ya know?”

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