Veteran says he is going to kill himself, makes last plea for help online

A Navy veteran reportedly threatened to commit suicide due to impending homelessness and posted a video to the internet to talk about it.

Now, nobody knows where he is.

Former sailor Ronnie Landfair Jr., reportedly considered killing himself after he learned he would be evicted in late May.

“This is the longest home I’ve had since I was on the ship, the USS Constellation,” he said in a video, posted July 10.

Landfair claims he considered killing himself, but was told to ask for help. After he was discouraged from taking his own life, he made a promise to his friends that he would reach out if he needed help.

“Here’s me reaching out,” he said in the video.

In his plea for help, he expressed distress in regards to his current situation.

“I don’t know where I’m gonna go,” he said.

The day after he posted the video it only had one view on YouTube.

An Operations Specialist from 1999-2003, Landfair served on the Constellation, a Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier that served from 1961 until it was scrapped in 2015. During his time abroad the ship, he was reportedly deployed three times under combat conditions.

After getting out, he had trouble re-integrating with society.

“I felt I couldn’t assimilate within society, and people couldn’t relate to me,” he told in 2017.

Living in San Diego after his discharge, he reportedly struggled -and was diagnosed- with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“For those who have visible wounds, they get the attention they need almost immediately,” he said “But for those who have invisible wounds, I experienced needing to prove that I seriously needed help.”

Landfair eventually went to treatment for his issues and eventually came up with the idea of making personalized cards for veterans, some of which contained poetry he had written. In a video promoting his cards, he considered them a solution to veteran suicide.

Unfortunately for Landfair, his cards -or at least his GoFundMe campaign to kick start the project- didn’t seem to generate any income.

As of July 11, Landfair’s current situation and whereabouts are unknown.

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