Veteran-owned company trolls “ACAB” customer who wanted “Kill All Pigs” engraved on firearm part

Dana and Chet Peters

A veteran-owned company responded to a threat against law enforcement- and managed to troll the “ACAB” crowd in the process.

The folks who work at MILSPIN, a metal and engraving company owned by two brothers who served in the US Marine Corps special operations community, are no strangers to hostile emails.

“We get it multiple times a week,” said Dana Peters, co-owner of MILSPIN and a veteran of the USMC Recon community who served in Afghanistan. “But we’ve never had such an overt threat.”

The email request in question came from a Ryan out of Naples, Florida, requesting a custom-engraved Glock component that read “KILL ALL PIGS,” a statement popular with the far-left “All Cops Are Bastards” [ACAB] community.

Dana and his brother, Chet, started MILSPIN after leaving the Recon community and going to school for engineering.

While they learned a lot in school about the topic of engineering, their take on customer relations is a flavor they came up with themselves.

In the case of the most recent request, simply canceling the order was not enough.

“I thought, what better way to get this guy to s*** his pants than to send his information and communique to Naples Police,” Dana said.

MILSPIN contacted the Naples Police Department, informing them of the Ryan’s identity and violent intent. They then informed Ryan that the Naples Police would be informed of his request.

To the brothers’ astonishment, Ryan only escalated things.

“He [Ryan] doubled down on his threats,” Dana said. “I’m no attorney, but I find it hard to believe that overt threats are protected.”

The entire affair was then screenshotted and turned into an email for those subscribed to MILSPIN product flyers, turning “FRYAN” into a promo code for 24 hours.

In addition, the company called Ryan a “knob jockey.”

“Our customer base enjoys this,” Dana said. “We always throw it out there.”

While similar requests and trolling emails are a constant thing, Dana personally enjoys them.

“Every time it happens, all the anti-LEO crowd come out of the caves to harass us on social media, not realizing that they are spreading the algorithm further than we could,” he said. “We just have fun with it. They think they are wasting our time, but it’s fun to exploit theirs.”

Outside of producing specific items for the defense industry, 80% of MILSPIN’s commercial work involves making custom parts for Glock handguns.

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