Veteran on trial for murder says Marines put nanobots in his brain

A US Marine veteran accused of fatally stabbing a construction worker in California reportedly left the house looking for someone to kill, according to his own testimony.

Claiming a counter-terror group called “Agent Orange” implanted nanobots in his brain and activated him to carry out the killing at an Oceanside construction site, Mikhail Schmidt insists that he was programmed to do the deadly deed.

“That night, Agent Orange, they went and activated me,” he said.

According to NBC San Diego, jurors saw a video that showed the veteran claiming he “craved the taste of blood” before carrying out the slaying of Jacob Bravo.

Schmidt has since noted that he regrets telling police about his blood-lust.

“In my head it doesn’t feel like this whole thing was real. It still doesn’t feel real,” he testified. “So I said the first thing that came to my head was ‘Want to taste blood again’ which you hear in a “Rambo” movie or something.”

Schmidt was stationed in Okinawa and then deployed to Iraq for seven months where he re-enlisted in 2008.

“I was lead Humvee and we hit an IED and I was knocked unconscious,” he said. “Also during that deployment in 2008, we were doing more jump operations during training in Iraq and my parachute failed to open,” an incident that led to a second head injury.

In August of 2013, Schmidt was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant.

The Marine veteran has been diagnosed with PTSD and is 80% disabled.

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