An Oregon veteran is being hailed as an outlaw hero after lashed out in a courtroom during a sentencing hearing, attacking a pedophile who filmed little girls as they showered, changed and used the bathroom.

Kevin Smith, a 45-year-old veteran and Medford resident, is the father of one of the victims who fell prey to 40-year-old Donald Courtney Biggs, an ex-youth pastor with a fetish for underage girls.

During the courtroom proceedings earlier this week, Smith -whose own child was a victim- endured two hours of heart-wrenching testimony by Biggs’ victims, who gave tearful accounts of how their lives were forever altered by the ex-pastor’s alleged sick behavior.

As Biggs’ public defender began attempting to humanize the pedophile, Smith had apparently had enough of the matter. Leaping over the railing in what witnesses compared to “Superman” in flight, he hand-delivered a solid fist into Biggs’ face, sending the child molester to the floor in the fetal position.

“Full force, just like Superman, it looked like he flew through the air right into him and just punched him,” Smith’s friend, Jacob Elkin, said.

While Smith was naturally detained by law enforcement, Elkin claims Smith simply “did what every person in that room wanted to.”

“Of course you know, [I’m] never really a proponent for violence but I felt like in this situation it brought a little bit of relief to all those girls who’ve been in this situation for years,” Elkin told KOBI. “For those who have had a hard time with that, I felt like it was a little piece of justice today as harsh as that may sound, it felt good.”

According to the Mail Tribune, Smith was arrested on misdemeanor charges of obstructing governmental or judicial administration, fourth-degree assault, and second-degree disorderly conduct. He was forced to sit in the Jackson County Jail on $12,500 bail, but has since been released.

In response to his arrest, Elkin set up a GoFundMe in order to help take care of any expenses that Smith’s family incurred as a result of his arrest.

Operating under the username “Team Punch a Pedo,” the “Hero Punches Pedophile” campaign was initiated on August 22, with a target goal of $5,000.

“The money will go to any charge fines he may face and maybe a nice dinner for the sweet sweet justice pie he served yesterday,” Elkin wrote yesterday.

Within one day of the campaign being initiated, 213 people reached the target amount, and donations continue to flood in. As of Friday afternoon, the total amount raised was over $6,760.

In the comments, patrons expressed their gratitude for the solid-fisted vigilante, who reportedly served in the Navy.

“Great job, sailor,” Scott Burnside wrote.

“Can we give $20 a week and let the father punch him on a regular basis?” Sherry Santino asked. “Best of luck! Hope the charges get dropped and they give him a Macy’s style parade instead.”

Smith was arrested on misdemeanor charges of obstructing governmental or judicial administration, fourth-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct. As of Wednesday evening, Smith remained held in the Jackson County Jail on $12,500 bail.

It is unknown if a court date has been set for Smith.

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