Veteran escorted out of city hall for legally trying to pay fine with pennies

New Hampshire police showed resistance to a man recently when he tried to make a statement March 27.

Marine vet Billy Spaulding showed up to pay his $75 parking ticket in Manchester — with pennies.

The police, accompanied by a SWAT member, showed little amusement with his activism and quickly escorted him from Manchester City Hall.

Spaulding, who spent eight years in the Marines, was also open carrying a pistol that day, which is legal and police fully respected his rights.

After speaking to Manchester police and pointing out the Coinage Act of 1965, which states all coins are legal tender for debts, Spaulding was permitted Mar. 31 to pay his $75 ticket for parking next to a fire hydrant at the Manchester City. Spaulding and his accomplice recorded the transaction for all to see.

YouTube video

After being told he could not record during the first attempt to pay his ticket, Spaulding’s friend recorded the entire second interaction of Spaulding paying his fine in pennies while open carrying.

“Part two, they didn’t except it the first time. I went down to the Manchester Police Department. They said they have to take it,” Spaulding says. “The parking coordinator is not going to like me. But the law is the law.”

YouTube video

PINAC says video of the first interaction was cut short due to police telling Spaulding’s friend he could not record at city hall.

According to PINAC, Spaulding paid his ticket but then traveled at the police department later that day to complain after the mother of a Manchester police officer called him a “dumbass” on Facebook and told the veteran her son is a hero.

“You call yourself a Marine … please,” wrote Kelley Catanzaro, the mother of Manchester cop Ryan Hardy.

Officer Ryan Hardy was not present during either interaction Spaulding had with police while attempting to pay his fine, but his mother felt the need to comment on his Facebook page to defend her son.

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