Veteran and his daughter graduate on the same day

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Veteran and his daughter graduate college on the same day.   

For most fathers, watching their daughters graduate from college is one of those days that simply can’t be topped in their lives. But when it comes to Eddie Railey, he found a way to make his daughter’s graduation day even more special: by making it his own graduation day as well. The 46 year old veteran put in an extraordinary amount of extra effort while he was overseas in order to graduate from Clemson University along with his daughter, Reagan.

According to this story in Greenville Online, Eddie Railey did the vast majority of his studies online, while he was in Kuwait and Afghanistan. Although Railey wasn’t deployed with the United States military, he was working for two different defense contractors, after retiring from the U.S. National Guard in 2008.

“There were many nights I was studying engineering from Clemson and you would hear the sirens go off,” Railey told Greenville Online. “You’ve got incoming mortars. With a military background, you’re kind of used to it.”

Eddie Railey received his Master of Engineering degree from Clemson thanks to his hard work in the program, geared toward working professionals. His daughter, Reagan, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences with a minor in psychology.

“I’m excited to share that with him,” Reagan Railey told reporters in a statement received from KETK. “He’s an inspiration to me. He’s a self-made man.”

When reached for comment about Edie Railey’s incredible dedication to getting his degree while deployed in a combat zone, Bill Ferrell, an industrial engineering professor and associate dean of the Clemson graduate school, told reporters from KETK “we started the industrial engineering master’s program with people like Eddie in mind. He has one of those inspirational stories that makes you think, ‘If he can study in a war zone, what’s stopping me from going back to school?”

“We’re diehard Clemson fans,” Eddie Railey told reporters. “It was almost like a dream come true to have a degree from Clemson. Not only that, the icing on the cake is to be able to graduate with my daughter at the same time.”

There is currently no word on whether Eddie plans on getting yet another degree when his younger daughter begins college in a few years.

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