Veteran claims he was mistreated in VA emergency room after waiting six hours

A video surfacing from a VA Hospital in Los Angeles leaves many outraged, few surprised and even more scrambling to figure out what really happened.

Originally posted to YouTube on January 11, the waist-high camera footage shows a masked security officer in the VA telling a veteran that he wasn’t allowed to sleep or lie down while he waited in the emergency room.

The veteran explained that he could not sit without pain, which the security guard was having none of.

The veteran then complained that he -and others in the waiting room- had fought for the freedoms of all Americans, only to be bossed around in an emergency room.

According to the video poster’s comments, he had been waiting for six hours.

It is unknown why the veteran was not allowed to lie on the floor, as there is not much in the way of publicly posted policy online, at least concerning VA emergency room etiquette.

However, it can be presumed -through common sense alone- that an individual lain supine on an emergency room floor is a physical hazard to any foot traffic and heavily exposed to a breeding ground of germs and contaminants.

Emergency rooms can often become backed-up, often with patients who use the ER as a sort of urgent care. While this can be relieved to an extent through triage practices, patients should ultimately determine for themselves what does -and does not- constitute the need for an emergency room visit.

Before going to the emergency room, VA patients are encouraged to look up the VA Telephone Care service numbers for their local hospital. By calling this number, patients will be able to speak with a Registered Nurse who can determine whether or not one’s issue warrants an ER visit or a simple appointment with their primary care provider.

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