Veteran bikers shut down gas station after owner refuses to serve homeless vet

A cashier at a Philadelphia gas station found himself drawing the ire of bikers after refusing service to two men who helped a homeless veteran- and it’s all caught on camera.

The showdown at the Philadelphia Citgo/ Krispy Crunchy Chicken location initially began after the (reportedly) Middle Eastern or Indian shopkeeper chastised two men for giving money to a homeless veteran named Carl, warning them that they would be refused service if they extended any generosity toward the man.

A call to action was initiated by two bikers, prompting other calls to action to “shut down” the store in protest.

Soon, individuals were discouraging people from coming into the store, much to the chagrin of the store employees.

Chain door barriers came down and threats of reports to business commissions were made as people voluntarily began to tell incoming patrons “we’re closed.”

In the comments, one member of the community claimed the two bikers “are members of Wheels Of Soul Motorcycle Club down the street,” and that they “were out there pretty much all night!”

The Wheels of Soul are reportedly a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 1967. While they are a mixed-race motorcycle club, they have a strong black presence reflective of the community demographics in their chapters’ respective areas of influence- across 25 states.

The original video has since been acquired by WorldStarHipHop and has accrued over 192,924 views since last Friday.  The video has inspired others to protest as the gas station, encouraging others not to patronize the business.

One of those individuals was Will Mega, a vocal community activist in the Philadelphia area.

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