Veteran barely escapes death after motorist slams into his motorcycle

A veteran’s video has been trending on TikTok after he managed to survive a possibly fatal accident.

Steven Burns’ TikTok (@sburns062) has since been deleted but numerous reaction videos are still trending on social media.

The video shows Burns driving his motorcycle in the middle lane of a highway when an older model Chevy SUV slams into the back of his bike at a high rate of speed.

The Chevy swerved after knocking off Burn’s bike’s saddle bag and colliding into other vechiles on the road but Burns managed to maintain control and continue riding.

While a repost on TikTok claimed the accident was the result of the Chevy driver road raging, a repost on Reddit claims the driver was just being careless.

Another TikTok repost pointed out the song he was playing on his bike was “like he was playing GTA,” referring to the video game.


#stitch with @sburns062 Tell Me I’m Not The Only One Who Noticed It 😂😂 #gta5 #gtaonline #casanova #gamersunite #gamingontiktok #gaming

♬ original sound – JoshSTATiX

“R&B playlist be like in the background during those GTA missions,” someone wrote in the comments.

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