Veteran attempts suicide by cop by jumping fence at the White House

A mentally disturbed Marine veteran from California reportedly jumped the White House fence, telling police he was on a mission from God to attack President Donald Trump.

29-year-old Thomas Miner jumped the fence-topped concrete barrier on the south side of the White House grounds, crossing into the restricted area as tourists looked on.

“We were just here taking pictures in front of the White House with tons of other people, and some guy came at me kind of from my blind spot and just very calmly walked up and looked and me and said, ‘Hey, do you want to see if God’s real?’ and he threw a backpack down at my feet in front of me,” said witness Jim Tripp to NBC Washington.

Hopping over the barrier and walking to the south-end fence, Miner threw his hands into the air and began shouting, “Shoot me. Shoot me!”

Rushing into action against the demented daredevil, Capitol Police and Secret Service ordered him to the ground and took him into custody.

Waiving his own Miranda rights, he told authorities that he was on a mission from God and was spoken to by both birds and the sky. His mission? To meet the president, slap and/or punch him, and “make him cry like a bi*ch.”

While Miner did not want to be killed, he said the president “needs to die.”

According to NBC4, Miner told police that God was furious and that Trump is the Antichrist, alleging that Trump harassed him with campaign emails and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were child molesters.

Thanks to a call from the Secret Service to Miner’s father (a call no dad ever wants), it was soon discovered that the “heavily trained, tech-savvy and dangerous” retired Marine may have paranoid schizophrenia and “went off the deep end.” He had been missing for about three weeks and had a missing persons report filed in his name.

No stranger to police attention, Miner was also under investigation in Virginia for allegedly showing up at the door of a woman whom he had messaged on Facebook for several years, despite her never giving him her address. At one point, he sent her 150-200 messages in under an hour.

Miner has been charged with a federal offense of entering and remaining on restricted grounds and a DC offense of attempted burglary. He was set to appear in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia earlier today.

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