Vet forced to fork over half of military retirement to incarcerated ex

Deanna Gulli via her Linked In Page.

After serving 25 years in the U.S. Army, Deanna Gulli must now give half her military retirement to her ex-husband, who is locked up for life.

Even though her husband is a convicted felon, Deanna is required by law to give him money that she earned from her work.

Arizona is one of only a few states in the U.S. with a ‘community property law.’ The law ensures that in the event of a divorce, all of the money earned while a couple is married, is equally divided between the spouses.

There are no exceptions to this law.

After 28 years of marriage and two children with Ronald Gulli, Deanna found out his dirty secret. Ronald Gulli was arrested after, police say, they found videos and photos on his computer of children being sexually abused.

Three years ago, he was convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual misconduct with a minor. Deanna Gulli filed for divorce soon after that, according to NBC Tucson.

Deanna says the money was supposed to be for her children’s college fund. “How am I going to support my children if I have to support somebody that’s incarcerated?” she told KVOA. “It’s hard to believe that all I get is sympathy, but I don’t get help.”

Gulli says she reached out to veteran organizations and lawmakers, but was told nothing can be done. An attorney with Karp and Weiss law firm, told KVOA, “The only way that this could change is if the legislators change the law.”


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