This is what the VA wants you to think their service is like

Over the last decade, the Veterans Affairs was forced to adapt to serve the thousands of GWOT veterans- a new generation of war veterans much different than those who came before them.

In 2011, the VA enlisted the help of an Army veteran’s production company, Blue Three Productions, to create, develop and produce a training video for department employees and new hires.

“The training film reminds VA employees that how they approach returning Vets can make a critical difference in whether those Vets choose to receive VA benefits,” Blue Three Productions stated. “The video conjures common stereotypes about VA and stresses that many of today’s Vets are looking for a reason to walk away from the Department. The film stresses that employees can prevent this.”

When the video originally surfaced online many veterans voiced their negative opinions of it, stating it seemed to be a stark contrast to the service they have received.

“I wish we Vets were treated like this. I wish I could talk to a person on the phone and not a robo-response that eventually hangs up on me,” said a veteran, in response to the video. “I wish I could just walk in to a VA facility and get help, or at least answers.”

According to the Washington Post, “VA officials said they hope the video will remind department employees to provide good customer service to veterans and that it will remind them of what the system — often confusing, time-consuming and daunting — looks like to veterans just getting home.”

Over the last six years has the VA come any closer to providing a level or service portrayed in this video?

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