VA nurse cuts off Army vet biker, says “You’ve got a f***ing donor-cycle”

A California man claiming to be a Army veteran of the 101st Airborne captured what appears to be a VA nurse cutting him off in traffic and berating him, referring to his bike as a donor cycle.

Reportedly taking place at around 7AM on December 8th in West Los Angeles, the veteran was nearly hit by a female driver he claimed was a nurse at the West Los Angeles Va Hospital.

Failing to signal -or apparently even look into the lane she was merging towards- the nurse nearly runs the motorcycle-riding veteran off the road with her Fiat compact car.

Pulling up to the intersection, the woman reportedly berated the man.

“Maybe you should stop riding your donor-cycle and get a real vehicle,” she said, possibly not realizing the camera was rolling. “You’ve got a f***ing donor-cycle. That’s all that thing is. If you get killed one day, Good luck.”

The motorcyclist reported that he then circled around the block, where he was nearly hit again by the Fiat and noticed she was heading into the West VA hospital in LA.

“Donor-cycle” is a pejorative term medical staff use to describe motorcycles, given the high fatality rates that motorcyclists suffer- often when people driving cars don’t pay attention.

Ironically, the veteran appeared to be taking many safety precautions as a motorcycle rider.  In the video he is seen wearing a full face-covering helmet, protective gloves, and a riding jacket.

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