VA apologizes after veteran exposes disgusting conditions in room

Screenshots from Twitter post below

A patient room in a Utah Veterans Affairs hospital in Salt Lake City was nothing short of disgusting earlier this month- and an Iraq War veteran brought the squalor to the attention of the public.

Two-time Iraq vet Christopher Wilson arrived at the VA on April 5 for a podiatry appointment, waiting forty-five minutes for an examination room.

When he finally got one, he was appalled at what he found.

Snapping photos, Wilson collected evidence of overfilled garbage cans, debris on the floor, medical kits in disarray and a half-consumed cup of soda on the counter.

“I figured they would say, ‘oh, this room’s not clean,’ and take me somewhere else, but they kind of just blew past it, didn’t acknowledge it,” Wilson said.

After Wilson’s father posted photos to Twitter, there was no hiding it and the matter was addressed by the VA.

In response to the severe online backlash, VA Salt Lake City Chief of Staff Dr. Karen Gribbin surmised that while Wilson was likely taken to a room where casts are put on patients with diabetic ulcers, the condition of the workspace was unacceptable.

“I was taken aback by the condition of the room. Mr. Wilson should not have been placed in that room in that condition,” Gribbin said.

Dr. Karen Gribbin, the VA Salt Lake City’s chief of staff said she spoke with Wilson and apologized for his experience.

According to KUTV, the VA is reviewing their internal policies and procedures.

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