Utah National Guard Special Forces under investigation

The Utah National Guard is conducting an internal investigation to determine if the guard’s equipment, facilities and personnel were used in the production of the “Hot Shots 2015” swimsuit calendar. According to FOX13, the Guard did not approve the photo shoot or video.

In addition, the makers of the calendar thanked Fort Douglas Military Museum. According to the museum’s director, Bob Voyles, a member of the Special Forces Association did ask if they could use the location for a couple of shoots.

“They assured me there would be nothing inappropriate,” he said.

A statement released by the Guard read, “An investigation was initiated by the Utah National Guard on October 14 to determine potential unauthorized use of military equipment, facilities, and personnel in the Hot Shots 2015 calendar production. Productions of this kind are not in keeping with the values of the Utah National Guard nor it members…There was no official approval for this project.”

Models were also seen shooting guns at a private shooting range, Big Shot Ranch, in Grantsville.

“If this video was shot at a government restricted facility using government specialized military equipment, either leadership knew about this or their security protocols aren’t robust enough to keep a bunch of calendar girls and their crew and assorted groupies out,” said House Minority Leader Jennifer Seelig about the incident.

NY Daily News reported that behind-the-scenes footage of the “Hot Shots” risqué photo shoot showed the models firing automatic rifles, getting behind tank controls, throwing explosives and using a sniper rifle.

The video started with model Rosie Jones welcoming viewers to Utah in the “U.S. of A.” “We’ve got loads of tanks, boats, helicopters and, of course, loads of guns,” she stated before introducing the models scheduled to appear in the 2015 calendar.

According to the makers of “Hot Shots 2015”, a portion of the proceeds from the calendar is going to the “Help for Heroes” charity for wounded veterans and their families. The company is based out of the United Kingdom and the calendar featured British models.

Attempts to contact Edgar Brothers, who produced “Hot Shots 2015”, was unsuccessful. The calendar is used as a promotional tool for the UK-based arms company.

Seelig stated the whole incident sends a bad message to girls and women.

“It flies in the face of any progress we have made in the military and sends out this archaic message to girls and women that their true value lies in their body parts,” Seelig said.

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