USAF vet suing American Legion over another vet who would run around office naked

An Air Force veteran in Texas previously employed by The American Legion is suing after she was fired for complaining about an employee who ran around the workplace in the nude.

Lisa Cole reportedly worked as a secretary for The American Legion Auxiliary for six months before she was let go over complaints of a nude individual that would streak across the common room after hours.

“On several occasions, I encountered a totally naked individual that works for The American Legion,” Cole told FOX10. “Totally naked, running around in the common area.”

After she communicated her issues to higher-ups, she found herself without a job.

“Two days later my concerns were met with ‘you’re not a good fit,’ and they let me go,” said Cole.

Since then, she’s filed a legal complaint against The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Texas and The American Legion, Department of Texas, charging them for more than 263 uncompensated overtime hours.

American Legion Judge Advocate Dan Corbin told Fox 10 that he hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet, so cannot comment on the matter.

With help of attorney Holt Lackey, Cole is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and premises liability.

“Nobody should be subjected to nudity without their consent,” Lackey told Fox10. “Particularly for an institution like that there needs to be accountability and there needs to be a chain of command that takes sexual harassment seriously.”

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