USAF “Space Aggressor Squadron” trains to fight off alien attacks in space

The respective insignia of the 527th and 26th Space Aggressor Squadrons (SAS). (U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Darren Domingo)

Two USAF specialist units are currently working around the clock to fight…aliens?

Known as the 26th and 527th Space Aggressor Squadron (SAS), the two units focus on a single, two-fold mission: to figure out how to prepare for extraterrestrial/space combat and subsequently train the rest of the military how to do so.

Playing the role of alien bad guys (be it the Earthling or ET variety), the unit conducts mock space battles in order to prepare US troops to deal with any sort of contingencies that may come up in America’s final -and most vulnerable- frontier.

Teaching troops to make use of space resources, the SAS teams also teach Americans how to continue on mission if space assets (like GPS and satellite communications) were knocked out, plunging us back into Korean War-era conditions.

“We study threats to the space realm, either coming from space or based on land,” 26th SAS chief of training Captain Christopher Barnes said. “If we can’t directly replicate them with hardware, then we figure out if there’s a software solution or some way we can train people to the point where they can fight through them, if they have to, in a conflict.”

While the idea of Space Aggressors seems far-fetched to some, the unit and their mission are a response to a much more serious issue that poses a threat to global (and universal) American military supremacy. In light of anti-satellite operations being ramped up in Russia and China, the concept of American satellites being knocked out keeps US commanders up at night.

If you think it is hard to get work done when your Internet connection goes out at the office, imagine losing that plus your cell phone, TV, radio, ATM access, credit cards, and possibly even your electricity,” Office of Space Commerce Executive Director Ed Morris wrote in a report that outlined the ramifications of “going dark.”

In short, as long as human beings (and by proxy, their defense systems) continue to depend on space-borne guidance and communications systems, the concept of keeping them safe -from mankind or otherwise- becomes more of a priority every day.

According to Futurism, the current set up revolves around scenarios aligned with the current set of international laws concerning the militarization of space. That said, contingencies are being developed around the clock to those who break -or are completely alien to- the laws of man.


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