USAF officer says he “embraces the suck,” does his own laundry

A US Air Force officer explained the “sacrifices” he has to make to be a leader- and we mean “sacrifice” in the most Air Force way possible.

1st Lt. Alex Tsang, who claims to be the source of the “finest USAF officer info by a 1st LT,” speaks of horrific sacrifices, that included getting up at odd hours, changing shifts, and having to do laundry outside of one’s home.

“That’s what you’re signing up for,” he said. “That’s why you are forced to go to deployments, why you’re forced to go to different shifts, even though you don’t want to go to different shifts.”

Tsang, who is a big fan of fitness and films himself working out from time to time, claims that doing your duty is part of the package, and “why people praise us.”

During his documented work time, Tsang complained of having to do his laundry out of his home, and was rather upset when his shoelace continually came untied while on his run.

“The only thing that I can really control is my mood,” he said.

Getting back to his apartment, he then took his shirt off and complained about having two more 12-hour shifts, noting that his circadian rhythm was off.

“Hopefully my shifts get a lot better,” he lamented.

Tsang has 1.49k subscribers who watch his vlogs, and regularly posts videos on how to be an officer.

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