USAF lesbian says the military is more accepting of her “dependa” and her than civilians

A Lesbian military couple took some time to explain what life in the US Air Force is like for them, giving details into their military and personal lives.

Airman Berkley and her spouse, Tori, have a YouTube channel, where they share everything from military life to details about their lives.

Berkley wanted to be a Loadmaster when she first approached the Air Force but was forced to take a “general job” in order to get to the Air Force faster. After doing her boot camp in Texas and spending two years in the Mental Health field, she submitted a packet to retrain as a loadmaster, where she is currently in training.

Originally, Tori had no desire to date an Airman, but ultimately decided to stick it out and got married.

Berkley’s favorite thing about the military is being part of a “big family,” which she claims is more tolerant of their lifestyle than civilian life.

“It’s by law that we have to be nice to each other,” she said. “I think the most accepting people are in the military.”

“I just pictured the military as men yelling at each other…and dying,” Tori added.

As far as what Berkley didn’t like, it boils down to the chain of command.

“Being under someone who has the authority they shouldn’t have.”

Despite this, Berkley claims she would still join the Air Force if she could “do it all over.”

You can watch the entire video on their YouTube channel.

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