US veterans want opportunity to fight in Venezuela after private military company asks to go

Private military contractors conduct medical training at an Academi Training Center. (Academi/Facebook)

Blackwater founder Erik Prince is pushing a plan to deploy thousands of privately-hired mercenaries to topple the Venezuelan Maduro regime- and many veterans are saying, “Put me in, coach.”

In an extreme case of capitalism in action, the monarch of mercenary companies has been soliciting investment and support from Venezuelan exiles and influential conservatives.

Prince has offered to send over 5,000 mercenaries to help Juan Guaido, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition forces.

According to Reuters, Prince has not openly spoken with Venezuelan opposition forces, exiles close to the opposition feel that the contractors would be a useful asset, particularly in maintaining security and rebuilding the county.

A “warlord” in his own right after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Prince initially made negative headlines in 2007, when his Blackwater employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians of Nisour Square.

Following an inquiry, one Blackwater employee involved was convicted of murder, and three others have been convicted of manslaughter.

Selling the security firm in 2010 after a renaming campaign, Prince opened up the Hong Kong-based Frontier Services Group, which has close ties to Chinese investment companies.

Meanwhile, on the internet, veterans from all around the country are licking their lips for a chance to get back into the action for a fistfull of dollars.

“Show me the dotted line,” Eddie Fligel said on the Gruntworks Facebook page.

“They need medics,” Carlos Lopez chimed in, posting a picture of a budget AR15 and a low-end Smith & Wesson SV series pistol. “Where do I sign up? I can bring my own weapons.”

Others, more familiar with how contracting works in real life, were more blunt about the Facebook talent pool.

“The physical fitness requirements, MOS requirements, security clearance requirements, coupled with peer drop would immediately slim this pool right on down.”

Still, you gotta hand it to some of them- they have heart.

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