US Special Operations mission, location leaked by multiple media sources

Footage purportedly showing US Army Rangers -which are part of the  Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)- on the ground in Syria has been leaked to the public.

The Department of Defense reportedly did not authorize it as it is a long standing policy of the JSOC not to discuss combat operations.

Featured on several military-related news and video sites, the video footage and photos show US Army Rangers and their Stryker infantry fighting vehicles on the ground in Manbij, Syria.

The vehicles -which are reported to be in a tactical halt in the footage- belong to the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment and feature an interesting armor configuration for optimal speed without sacrificing too much protection.

According to SOFREP, the Rangers had recently been rolling through Kurdistan and are on the ground in Syria for the Raqqa offensive.

Military video and news site Funker530 gave a detailed evaluation of the photos, including the vulnerable spots of the Stryker’s armor configuration.

When contacted by Popular Military, in regards to whether or not the leaked media was an authorized release, 75th Ranger Regiment Deputy Public Affairs Officer Tracy Bailey denied the official release of the videos, saying that [the regiment] does “not discuss combat operations.”

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