US soldier takes pliers to Afghan policeman’s “man pipe” during argument with him

(The video, which originated from 2012, has been removed at the request of the 4th Infantry Division but can be watched on Youtube at the link below)

US troops in Afghanistan were forced to “go below the belt,” with one soldier utilizing a set of pliers in an odd way after a fight broke out over the comparative sizes of US and Afghani genitals.

In what was little more than a playfully-perverse “pissing contest” between a US soldier of the 4th Infantry Division and an Afghan policeman, the argument originally began as to determine whether or not the US was better than Afghanistan.

Naturally (these are combat troops after all), the comparisons reverted to the more phallic of attributes, ultimately resulting in a US soldier pulling out a multitool and demanding to see the policeman’s…uh.. “little fireman.”

“Take out your dundar,” the soldier said, using a word (correctly pronounced “dunda”) believed to be Pashto for “stick” as he leaned forward and held up his pliers. “I’ll pinch it off.”

Fearing what would likely be a second circumcision, the Afghan relented after several feint attempts.

It’s important to note that this was likely a jovial bout of cross-cultural horseplay and that the men have likely been working with each other for some time.

At least, we hope that’s the case.

Watch the video on YouTube

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