US soldier runs Russian vehicle off road after it tries to overtake convoy in Syria

US and Russian forces engaged in a bit of road rage in Northeastern Syria, with American troops running a Russian vehicle off the road for trying to cut through an armed military convoy.

Video footage -shared to Twitter by Syrian and Kurdish affairs analyst Mutlu Civiroglu- shows an American convoy leading the way as Russian forces trail behind, the latter being equipped with a BMP light armored personnel carrier.

The cameraman, believed to be a civilian, makes his way up in the opposite lane of traffic and films as a Russian military vehicle attempts to weave through the US convoy, nearly hitting a pedestrian in the process.

Unwilling to break rules concerning allowing non-convoy vehicles into the procession, the lead US vehicle breaks left, the topheavy truck nearly tipping over as the right side wheels began lifting skyward.

As it came back down onto all fours, the US vehicle pulled right, ramming the Russian vehicle and shunting it off the road.

The vehicles came to a stop, and it is unknown what kind of discussion or actions followed.

The showdown took place near the Turkish border town of Qamishli, and is the second recorded incident in two weeks that involved US and Russian forces clashing with each other in the area.

Previously, US forces came under fire from Syrian locals at close range for unknown reasons and returned fire in self-defense, all while Russian forces stood by and watched.

US Central Command has repeatedly acknowledged that they are aware of the video’s existence.

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