US soldier getting death threats after China spreads fake news blaming her for spreading COVID-19

Maatje Benassi

As the Chinese Communist Party continues to attempt to blame the United States for creating and spreading the coronavirus, one Army reservist is caught in a vicious cycle of foreign abuse online.

Driven by CCP disinformation, the Chinese online population has targeted reservist Maatje Benassi and her retired Air Force husband, Matt, creating such a disturbance in their lives that they had to delete their online accounts.

Benassi is accused of being the reason the coronavirus came to China, and the Chinese have since inundated all of her social media and email inboxes with threats and hate mail.

“It’s like waking up from a bad dream going into a nightmare day after day,” Maatje Benassi said.

The Benassis work in the beltway area, with Matt as a civilian employee at the Pentagon and Maajte working as a security officer at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Despite working for the US military, there is little the government can do to stop the harassment.

“I want everybody to stop harassing me, because this is cyberbullying to me and it’s gone way out of hand,” Maakte said.

According to CNN, the Chinese claim the coronavirus is a US biological weapon that could not be contained, something the CCP has openly promoted.

Due to her participation in the October 2019 Military World Games, Benassi -who had to leave the games due to a cycling accident- has been “chosen” as the source of COVID-19.

Interestingly enough, the biggest non-Chinese disseminator of disinformation on the matter is an American by the name of George Webb, who has over 100,000 followers on YouTube.

Even after all the hubbub surrounding the pandemic dies down, Benassi’s life will not be the same.

“The damage is done,” according to Maatje Benassi. “I know it [will] never be the same. Every time you’re going to Google my name, it will pop up as patient zero.”

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