US Navy won’t tell you their Sailors frequent “Ping Pong” shows in Thailand

Inside footage into what goes on when Sailors take leave could be enticing recruiting footage but the Navy will never show you.

In what might be the intro to a pay-per-view video series or the start of a documented incident leading to a court-martial, a video filmed by a Sailor on liberty in Thailand reminds us why the nation has so much… mystique. Yeah, mystique. That’s it.

From the crowds of bosom-bearing beauties vying for a man’s attention to the flowing rivers of alcohol and sounds of music emanating from every building, Thailand is the ultimate scene for those willing to dive head first into imbibery and debauchery.

Semi-coherent and with a camera hand shakier than whoever shot the movie Cloverfield, the Sailor roams Phuket with his buddies, chasing down a “ping-pong show,” which -given Phuket’s thriving sexhibition industry- involves exactly what you think it does.

The Sailors quickly lose focus, however, and are too drunk to stand by the end of the night.

Yes, this is Thailand, and as long as you don’t end up dead, in jail or missing an appendage…What happens there tends to stay there- just be sure to make it back to the boat.

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