US Navy uniforms being sold as expensive fashion, sold out in stores

Urban Outfitters has capitalized on the fashion sense of hipsters for a long time- only this time, the questionable “hot item” seems a little utilitarian.

The “vintage” item, a set of US Navy blue coveralls, was marketed as the last of its kind and sold for $120 by the mall-bound store.

“Only one pair is available for purchase by one lucky customer, so get them before they’re gone!” Urban Outfitters stated on the sale page after selling out of every other pair. “Please note, this vintage item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.”

According to the Stars and Stripes, the company marked up the “rare item” nearly $100 over cost, as the same coveralls can be had for less than $28, should one visit the Navy Exchange.

The coveralls in question were in good shape, and once belonged to a Sailor with the surname of “King.”

Needless to say, Sailors weren’t too thrilled, and quickly took to the internet to mock Urban Outfitters for their King-size hustle.

“I’m selling some that come in ‘New recruit blue’ and ‘Working party worn’ for that ‘distressed’ look,” wrote one netizen with a Navy-themed handle. “Go talk to a Navy recruiter, they’ll show you how to get 3 pair for free!”

“I had to go through bootcamp to get them,” another wrote. “If you’re not ready to commit to the life of a Navy sailor, then don’t wear our uniforms.”

However, this is nothing new. In 2017, mall-dwelling store Forever 21 took Army PT shirts and “re-purposed” them into dresses.

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