US Navy strikes deal to quarantine new recruits at a water park resort

While celebrities quarantine in lavish mansions, the US Navy may have one-upped them in one way- all their boot camp recruits are currently staying at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park.

As of April 20, the Navy began billeting around 500 sailors per week at the GWL in the greater Chicago area, as the park has been closed due to statewide lockdowns.

The idea behind housing the Great Lakes Base sailors at the Great Wolf Lodge was to create a safe “bubble” environment for Great Lakes.

According to USNI, the recruits spend nearly half a month at GWL during a restriction of movement (ROM) period before going to the Great Lakes training center.

Despite being at a waterpark, the recruits aren’t allowed to have fun.

“Resort-type amenities are not available to any of our personnel,” said Cmdr. Dave Hecht, a spokesman for the Chief of Naval Personnel.

However, not all is lost- the recruits are being allowed the use of electronics and are constantly being trained on what to expect when they hit boot camp.

“Cell phones are authorized to facilitate communication with friends and family during the restriction of movement (ROM) period,” Hecht said. “One personal handheld gaming device and up to two personal reading books are authorized during the ROM period. Recruits also have access to in-room television during any free time they have throughout the day.”

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