US Marines surrender to Royal Marines just days into a desert battle simulation, report claims

The US Marines are giving the British a chance to let the press run wild after a desert battle simulation between Devil Dogs and Royal Marine Commandos resulted in a crushing defeat for the USMC.

Known as Exercise Green Dagger, the five-day simulation resulted in the commandos taking control of two-thirds of the battlefield space, and resulted in the USMC requesting a “reset.”

The conditions, parameters and units involved on the USMC side are all unknown factors [while “every Marine is a Rifleman, not every Marine is an infantryman], and the news has largely been something of a “puff piece” topic for the British tabloids.

Business Insider reported that the Royal Navy deemed the victory “decisive,” and said that the Royal Marines “won decisive battles early on and gained ground from their enemy, but, with the US Marines pushing into allied territory, Royal Marines and their allies carried out raids behind enemy lines to stop further counterattacks.”

40 Commando, a subgroup of the Royal Marines, claimed the UK forces won in an “epic close-quarters finale.”

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