Ex-patriot grandpa takes money from young Marines in Thailand

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It is not known if Jack Corbett has any kids or grandkids but we refer to him as a “grandpa” because of the high probability he has procreated during his life-long career of exploring the adult entertainment industry around the world.

Before the semi-retired author bought his beach-front condo in Thailand, he spent decades writing about and photographing adult entertainment events throughout the United States.

He has written over 100 articles for four adult magazines and published books such as “Dick Fitswell, the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit” and “Death on the Wild Side,” in addition to shooting over 100,000 pictures of adult entertainers and key adult industry events.

Nowadays, the ex-patriot can be found exploring the prostitute-filled bars of Pattaya, Thailand -a beach city lined with resort hotels, high-rise condos, shopping malls, cabaret bars and 24-hour clubs on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast.

Pattaya also happens to be one of the main ports of call for the U.S. Navy, which explains the emergence of its nightlife since the 1960s.  The U.S. Navy and Marines are currently in town for one of the biggest Asia-Pacific military exercises that has occurred annually since 1982.

The ten-day exercise started today and involves a total of 11,075 Thai, U.S., Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Japanese and South Korean service members.

Before Exercise Cobra Gold 2018 kicked off, some U.S. Marines happened to run into Corbett, who challenged them to a friendly pole dancing contest in one of the city’s “go go” bars.

Little did the Marines know, Grandpa Corbett has been around naked women and pole dancers for most of his life.

The Marines didn’t stand a chance.

YouTube video

“I took on their best and the Marines even tipped me,” said Corbett.

Even though the Marines lost, they still beat the Navy.

“Take it from me, the U.S. Marines are the finest branch in the entire U.S. military,” he said.

“Full of fun, full of life, inquisitive, and ever so polite. They are a tribute to American manhood.”

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