US Marine Corps recruiting office targeted by ANITFA attackers in black masks

Screenshot from video below article

A US Marine Corps recruiting office in the California town of Berkeley was attacked by ANTIFA protesters, who took sledgehammers to the building’s front glass and caused damage all over the city.

As leftist protesters marched down the street wearing masks and waving Soviet flags last weekend, several of the members began to destroy both private and public property, including attacking the USMC Recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue, which has been the target of Berkeley-based activism since at least 2007.

Taking up sledgehammers and other tools, the masked ANTIFA members began smashing at the windows, which appeared to be impact-resistant. While breaking in several places, the glass did not shatter but rippled with each impact.

Leaving the scene, one member of ANTIFA threw a torch into a dumpster, starting a fire.

While filming the event, cameraman Ford Fischer apparently got too close to the masked men, who told him to get back if he didn’t want to get hurt.

“Get the f**k back,” one man said. “Cops aren’t here. They won’t help you.”

Three other dumpster fires were allegedly set by ANTIFA, who also vandalized twenty cars and set one on fire.

Eventually, police started organizing and used stun grenades to subdue the ANTIFA protesters. Unhappy with the attempts to disperse them, ANTIFA members began building barricades and destroying more property.

It is unknown exactly how much damage was done during the weekend protests, which took place on the same weekend as ANTIFA operations in Portland, Oregon.

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