US filmmaker attacked while investigating Arab controlled “no-go” zones in Sweden

A US filmmaker was the victim of an attack by Arab immigrants in Stockholm while he was conducting an investigation into supposed “no-go” zones in Sweden.

Ami Horowitz, from Los Angeles,  was working on a video that examines the effects of the massive immigration from war-torn Arab countries such as Syria, Somalia and Iraq.

As he entered the Husby area of the city with his camera, he was attacked by a gang of men who began to punch and choke him.  The men apparently had a problem with him filming in the area.

During the recording, Horowitz can be heard asking “How come it’s a problem to film here?” before an unidentified man says “I don’t want to be filmed.”

Horowitz told the Daily Mail he thought he was going to be “finished off” after he was dragged from the street into a private residence.

“Nothing prompted the assault other then our presence,” he said.

He was eventually let go when someone entered the residence, scaring off the five attackers.

“Once inside the apartment building vestibule, they resumed their vicious attack. But seconds later someone opened an apartment door directly above us, and it luckily spooked them enough to run away,” said Horowitz.

It has only been three years since Sweden opened its doors to give Syrian refugees permanent residency but violence and crime has grown drastically.

Sweden’s police force has had an increasing problem with enforcing the law in many major cities. As of September there were as many as 55 areas referred to as “no-go” areas by the police.

At the time, a report suggested as much as eighty percent of the police force in Sweden was considering a new career due to an escalation of violence across the county.

When immigrants burned seventy cars over a period of a few days, police said they were only able to catch one suspect.

Sweden has more than 280,000 migrants, which is the  most migrants per capita of any EU nation, according to a report by Army veteran Sen. Tom Cotton’s article published in the Wall Street Journal in September.

“These migrants are disproportionately poor, young, male, undereducated, conservatively Muslim and possess virtually no Swedish-language skills,” he wrote.

Ami Horowitz said he is set to release the whole feature video on Wednesday.

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