US considering using military force to rescue family held captive by Taliban

The US government is reportedly considering whether to use military options to free a family being held captive by the Taliban, just days after a video of them was released.

The Coleman family is appealing to President Obama and President–elect Donald Trump to free them by agreeing to release Haqqani prisoners held in Afghanistan. Caitlan Coleman says on the video: “We ask that you are merciful to their people… and God willing they will release us.”

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) spoke about the ‘constraints’ of making such a deal with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “The ability to negotiate, the ability to assure they will go ahead and deliver on their part of the bargain, if there is a bargain, is a practical constraint.”

Reed, a ranking member of the Senate Armed Services committee, said that US Central Command could use a military option to rescue the family.

“If they are located and are able to be freed safely they could do so,” he said on MSNBC. Intelligence reports indicate the family is most likely being held in the tribal regions along the Pakistan-Afghan border.

The Coleman’s were kidnapped while hiking in Afghanistan back in 2012.  Caitlan’s parents have appealed to the president to return their daughter and grandchildren.  Her two young boys, with husband Josh Boyle, were born in captivity.

While appearing to be reading from a script, Caitlan says in the video: “My children have seen their mother defiled.” The couple’s children had never before been seen until this video was released a few days ago. The State Dept. called this piece of propaganda “reprehensible.”

If defense officials decide to move forward with a prisoner swap, it will likely not come without controversy. Pres. Obama came under intense criticism for the prisoner exchange that ensured the release of Bowe Bergdahl.  Bergdahl was held by the same terror group– the Haqqani network — a guerilla insurgent group using asymmetric warfare to fight against US-led NATO forces.

A congressional report claimed that the effort to transfer the ‘Taliban Five’ from Guantanamo Bay “was not merely a mechanism to recover a captive U.S. serviceman…doing so allowed the Administration to rid itself of five of the most dangerous and problematic detainees.”

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