US Army veteran captures Russian assault vehicle in Ukraine

Source: Twitter

An American veteran who volunteered to assist Ukraine in driving the Russians back has reportedly assisted in the capture of Russian military vehicles.

James Vasquez, who served in the United States Army and left as a Staff Sergeant, departed Connecticut for the Ukraine in March.

Since then, he’s been fighting in various locations around the country and has 330,000 followers on social media that track his public movements.

On Monday, Vasquez’ team reportedly captured a Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle, showing it off for all the world to see.

“We cleared the Russians out of here,” he said as the IFV rolled towards the camera.

In the distance, voices were heard shouting “it’s ours now!” and “thanks Russia!”

No friendly forces were reportedly killed in the engagement.

In addition to an IFV, ammo caches and weapons were also seized.

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