US Army soldier says he was abducted by aliens

A video has surfaced of an Army Specialist sharing what appears to be his knowledge of aliens, sending British tabloids and conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

The video -which was posted back in 2012- shows US Army Specialist Lee discussing three types of aliens in a conference room full of his fellow soldiers.

In the briefing, Lee talked about how human DNA has been altered over the years and how Jesus had alien origins.

The aliens are described as the ubiquitous “Greys,” “Tall Whites,” and “Reptilians.” The former two are a benign species, with the Whites being cloned as servants for the Greys.

“They can breathe oxygen,” Lee said of the Greys. “The atmosphere on their planet is very similar but it’s a binary star system, so they have two suns…Which makes the air a lot drier.”

Naturally, the initial responses by the soldiers in the room ranged from how to kill -or have sex with- the aliens.

In the background of the video, a pile of full duffel bags can be seen, indicating that the soldiers may have been deploying or preparing to conduct an exercise. In all likelihood, the “educational training session” might have simply been a thought exercise or a way to goof off while waiting for further orders.

Of course, such common sense explanations are too far out of reach for conspiracy theorists and British tabloid writers. The Daily Star posted snippets of the video earlier today, in an article titled, “American soldier in bombshell abduction claims: ‘Jesus was ALIEN – Earth could be overrun.’”

On YouTube, the original video features loads of comments that criticize the soldiers for laughing and making crude jokes.

“The US criminal military is no place for clear thinkers,” Matthew Haines wrote.
That man is a credit to those who are awake.”

The moron that recorded this probably just got them all killed,” user “smurfblue4209” added.

One fellow claimed he was “special ops” in the military, and that everything Specialist Lee said was true.

“What this guy is saying is not only 100% true, it’s probably…2% of the real story,” he wrote. “Think about that.”

The alleged “operator” also claimed the other soldiers laughed because they were afraid.

Other posters seemed more upset about how the soldiers were crude and did not fit their mental picture of soldiers being clean-cut professionals.

“One of them said on another planet, ‘I would just rape everybody;” One user wrote. “Lots of ignorant men are in the Army.”

Of course, it’s apparently easier to believe in lizard people than to view military personnel as anything other than what is portrayed on television.

Ultimately, the video appears to be soldiers goofing off in an undisclosed briefing room- but to those who “want to believe,” it’s video gold that will be resurfacing for generations to come.

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