US Army reprimands 83-year-old retired general for alleged sexual assault in 1994

Lieutenant General Leon E. Salomon (U.S. National Archives)

The US Army has formally reprimanded a retired four-star general for misconduct, in what appears to be a #MeToo moment over a quarter of a century old.

Showing that the Army is willing to persecute offenses long after soldiers retire, the branch formally reprimanded General Leon Salomon for allegedly grabbing the breasts of Camilla Vance Shadley, the spouse of one of his subordinates, now-retired Major General Robert Shadley.

The incident reportedly took place at a cocktail party in 1994 when Salomon reportedly groped Vance Shadley while feigning a hug, later telling her identical twin sister -also present at the party- that her breasts we bigger than those of her sister.

“At the end of our conversation, he smiled and said to me, ‘Your boobs are bigger than Camilla’s,'” Grace Vance told Army investigators.

“The actual indecent assault was incredibly insulting and annoying,” Vance Shadley said of the incident. “And it is absolutely nothing compared with the sexual violence I’ve seen as a nurse committed against others. But the underlying consistency is the damage it does to survivors and their families.”

Since then, Salomon, who was previously the head of the Army Materiel Command, was investigated for indecent assault, though the statute of limitations prevented criminal prosecution.

According to USA Today, the Army found probable cause that Salomon did the deed, and subsequently issued him a letter of reprimand to be put in his record.

“We take all sexual assault allegations seriously,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said in a statement Wednesday. “Gen. Salomon was reprimanded following the completion of a formal investigation. Appropriate action was taken.”

Salomon, who is now 83, declined to comment.

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