US Army officer lets men take care of his wife’s “needs” while deployed

A US Army officer and his veteran wife have publicly come out as swingers, exposing a part of military life not many know about.

Jason and Jess, a military couple who reportedly live in the “Deep South,” were filmed while in Jamaica at Hedonism II, an annual swingers’ event for those involved in “the lifestyle.”

Interviewed by Jason and Jess of, the couple -who both have military experience- talked about the difficulties of swinging in the military.

“Sodomy is an on-the-books law,” said Matt, who described himself as a “mid-career officer.”

When the military couple began swinging, they first tried to stay far away from other military personnel, in fear of being discovered and punished. However, they eventually warmed up to other “discreet” military couples- with some caveats, of course.

[Lower enlisted couples] are really hot, and they look really great,” Jason said, “But you know the consequences of us in a situation with some lower enlisted people…There’s just an added level of things you can get in trouble with.”

Despite the risks, the couple have yet to meet anyone who got in trouble for swinging in the military.

“We’ve personally never met anybody who have been outed, prosecuted or have been in trouble with the military,” Jason said.

Jason claimed that the hidden culture of swinging in the military is believed to have really taken form from within Special Forces, where trusted friends would “take care” of the other person’s spouse while they were away.

Jason then explained that Matt had slept with Jess when he had to deploy, and that getting the photos was “exciting.”

“You need your friends to take care of your spouses,” Matt said. “Glad to do my part.”

When Matt and Bianca first met Jess at her home, she opened the door wearing nothing but lingerie and a boa constrictor around her neck.

Not long after, an orgy began.

The video was taken for the October Hedonism II event, and another is planned for this year. It what Jason does in the U.S. Army but he seems to imply he works with the Special Forces.

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