Univ. of Florida closes fraternity over abuse of wounded vets

The University of Florida chapter of Zeta Beta Tau has been shut down due to allegations that its members drunkenly insulted and spat at a group of disabled veterans at a Panama City Beach resort.

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“Vice President of Student Affairs Dave Kratzer said on Friday we would deal swiftly with this and we have,” said Janine Sikes, UF assistant vice president for media relations.

Kratzer, a retired U.S. Army general, was disgusted to hear the reports of how the students treated the veterans at the Laketown Wharf resort.

According to Fox News, the closing comes just a week after the fraternity was suspended from the university. Three members of the fraternity were expelled after their roles in the incident were revealed. UF has charged the fraternity with “obscene, behavior, public intoxication, theft, causing physical or other harm and damage to property.”

A report from The Gainesville Sun, states the fraternity was already on probation for a hazing scandal involving sleep deprivation last fall.

Along with spitting at and verbally insulting the veterans, the members of the fraternity also urinated on flags and vomited off of balconies.   The veterans were at the resort for an annual retreat that honors their service; the fraternity was at the retreat for one of their “socials.”

About 60 veterans were in attendance at the retreat and fell victim to the cruelty of the fraternity. Even though police were called to the scene, they decided to let hotel management handle the situation. The fraternity was kicked out by the management and a police report was never filed.

Zeta Beta Tau has hired investigators for their own investigation into the matter.


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