Ukrainian soldiers accused of mistreating fellow soldier with Down Syndrome

By Michael Swaney

Numerous videos circulating on social media claim to show a Ukrainian soldier with Down Syndrome being mistreated by his fellow soldiers.

The origin of the video appears to be TikTok and seems to have been circulating on Reddit and Twitter for at least two months.

The video shows a disabled soldier sitting in a trench while being mocked and tormented by seemingly fellow soldiers.

A soldier allegedly asks the disabled soldier what he’s doing and he replies that he is on duty.

When asked about where his rifle is, he says he has not been issued one yet.

According to Down Syndrome International, “Article 11 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by both Russia and Ukraine and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2475, create clear obligations, that cannot be suspended even in a state of emergency, to ensure equal protection and safety for all persons with disabilities, as well as timely and unimpeded access to humanitarian assistance.”

In a March 2022 statement, they called for “all parties involved in the current conflict in Ukraine to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law, to ensure protection and safety for persons with Down syndrome and disabilities in Ukraine.”

The TikTok account tagged in the video does not contain the video but features other videos associated with the war in Ukraine.

Down Syndrome Man Mobilized
byu/No-Chocolate2996 inwar

A video featuring another alleged abuse of the same soldier was posted to Rumble on Sunday and purports to show him crying after being physically assaulted.

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