Ukrainian soldier ‘takes the cake’ for dumbest private ever

A young Ukrainian soldier was eviscerated by his higher-ups on video, and the clip serves to show that privates are dumb in every army.

The poor soldier, who was allegedly caught mishandling his service rifle, was chewed out by several of his comrades and mocked relentlessly.

It appears that the primary issue revolved around the soldier’s inability to sling his weapon over his shoulder, despite being one of the easiest things in the world to do.

The trooper’s comrades attempted to show him how to do it, though it took several attempts and caused the soldier much visible frustration.

In the end, the soldier still managed to foul it up, and then struggled to place his weapon against a weapon clearing device.

The AK used by the soldier evolved from the original AK, which was designed in such a way that even the dumbest conscripts could use them. Unfortunately, you can only make a sling in so many ways.

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