Ukrainian conscripts allegedly gun down their foreign fighter allies

Video footage has surfaced on social media, reportedly showing foreign fighters being shot by their Ukrainian allies.

The video, which has been making its rounds on Twitter[X], shows what is believed to be two Ukrainian conscripts approaching a trench line occupied by allied foreign fighters.

“Okay guys,” One English-speaking volunteer said with a thick accent. “Are you okay? Anybody wounded?”

The volunteer warned the conscripts to go back to their positions and avoid going through a minefield, adding that there was a constant threat at the front.

However, the other foreign volunteer noticed something was amiss, shouting “Stop!” before he was gunned down by the conscripts.

The two alleged conscripts then finished the men off before departing.

The video, which was captured by a GoPro, has not been verified and it is questionable as to whether it is authentic footage or staged Russian disinformation.

Despite this, author Chris Layne, who covers conflicts regularly on his social media feed, claims that “this fits what’s been reported for over a year.”

“There is a line of soldiers behind the front line to keep the conscripts at the front,” he wrote in a comment on the video. “That’s why the first guy shoots when he yells ‘Stop!'”

“In the past, it was the more highly trained Ukrainian AZOV who kept the conscripts at the front,” Layne added. “Looks like foreign mercenaries were placed as blockers and weren’t prepared.”

During the conflict in Ukraine, both sides have engaged in disseminating fake videos and reports in what has become one of the most widely visually documented conflicts.

Since reposting to X from a Russian Telegram page on Sunday, one redistribution of the video has over 936,000 views.

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