Ukraine’s famous ‘Joan of Arc’ sniper marries fellow soldier she met on the front lines

Images credit: Efgeniy Stipanyuk via Instagram.

Ukraine’s thirst trap female sniper has tied the knot with a fellow combatant she met on the front lines, sources report.

The Ukrainian “Joan of Arc,” identified as Evgeniy Stipanyuk, reportedly married a fellow combat veteran in a Kharkiv forest on Friday.

Known online as Evgenia Emerald, the 31-year-old is known for her good looks and marksmanship.

The happy couple chose Friday due to the public holiday, known as Defenders’ Day.

According to the New York Post, Stipanyuk wore a whote dress while her groom wore his Multicam-pattern fatigues.

“We understand that every day could be the last one and we don’t want to postpone life for later,” Emerald wrote on Instagram.

The sniper has over 5,549 followers on the social media page.

The wedding was held mere days after Russia initiated a massive aerial assault on nearly every major city in the war-torn region, causing significant loss of civilian life.

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