Ukraine’s cigarette-smoking hero becomes a meme

Many memes have been born from the war in Ukraine, but one in particular has highlighted an unassuming hero.

A Ukrainian civilian who haphazardly removed a mine with stoicism in the opening days of the invasion has since begun making rounds on Reddit.

The man was filmed carrying what appears to be an anti-vehicle mine, which requires a significant amount of weight to set off.

In the 38-second clip, the man puffs on his cigarette while transporting the device from the road to a nearby forest.

In response, one person decided to make a meme showing Marvel and DC superheroes bowing to the man in a hospital corridor, a play on the dramatized praise given to healthcare workers during the pandemic.

“Returning the forbidden tuna can back to Moscow,” one user wrote, referencing a gamer-originated nickname for the type of mine that was removed.

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