UFC Star Paige VanZant chokes US soldier unconsious

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Former UFC Star Paige VanZant, now an exclusive bare-knuckle fighter, shocked a large crowd of service members during a USO event.

While on a USO tour in 2018, Paige and fellow UFC fighter Max Holloway allowed troops to participate in their demonstrations -which one soldier probably regrets.

At 125lbs, Paige might have seemed less intimidating than Holloway but she stole the show when an Army Specialist volunteered to have the rear-naked choke performed on him.

Paige assured the soldier she would not choke him out, informing him to tap as he felt it hurt.

Failing to follow her instructions, the older-than-average Specialist’s face turned red and his body went limp as his head fell back into his feet.

He never tapped, but the crowd loved it -giving Paige a standing ovation.

The show was clearly a morale booster, as USO tours are intended to be, and Paige also found out why comic relief is so important overseas.

“We got shot at,” Paige told TMZ Sports. “One of the bases we were at got shot at!”

“We all had to like duck and hide under the table until it was all clear … until they could deflect the fire coming into the base,” she said.

VanZant is still best known for being the blonde beauty UFC fighter, but as of August 2020, VanZant signed a contract to fight exclusively in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. 

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