UFC fighter says Army had him doing pointless oil checks, not combatives training

The number 10 middleweight UFC fighter was reportedly kicked out of the US Army for smoking marijuana.

Jared Cannonier, known as “The Killa Gorilla,” reportedly smoked weed after his deployment and popped hot on a post-leave drug test.

“I got deployed, I [came] home,” he said. “I celebrated and smoked some weed with my family. I got back, I got drug tested.”

Cannonier says didn’t get to do much grappling in the Army, and was frequently assigned to the motorpool instead of the combatives mat.

“I wanted to do combatives,” he said. “But they wanted me to check under trucks for oil leaks…Trucks wasn’t even my job.”

Despite all of it, he is grateful to the US Army for the opportunities it gave him, including the education benefits and discipline needed to become a champion UFC middleweight.

“That’s the Army for ya,” he quipped.

“It helped me get to where I am now,” he said last week. “I’m very appreciative.”

Cannonier recently won against a UFC legend, Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva on May 11.

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