U.S. veteran from Florida recruiting fellow veterans to fight ISIS

Sean Rowe, an eight-year Army veteran Sean Rowe launched the website, Veterans against ISIS. Photo Credit: First Coast News

An U.S. veteran has launched a website from which he is calling to other veterans to act and come together to fight ISIS.

THV11 reported that eight-year veteran Sean Rowe is recruiting veterans to fight the militant group in areas like Iraq.  He is requesting applicants have at least four years of military experience.

“There has been strong support and numerous veterans are interested in going,” said Rowe.

As part of his efforts to reach out to veterans, he has launched a website named Veterans against ISIS.

Frustrated by the kidnappings, beheadings and the overall violence ISIS has unleashed, Rowe said it’s time to take a stand.  “I’m not scared of these guys,” he said.  “They can come for me if they want but I am going to take the fight to them.”

Former FBI Special Agent Ron Wirth stated that there are no federal laws prohibiting individuals from traveling to other countries and acting as mercenaries.  However, he added that there are other laws to be aware of.

“If you are training with automatic weapons, explosives or rocket launchers, you may be exposing yourself to criminal prosecution,” he said.

Wirth added that Rowe would not be guaranteed medical treatment if injured, nor would he be protected under the Geneva Convention.

When asked specifics about his plan, Rowe said, “We just need to be in an area.  Just leave it to us.  Don’t worry about it.”

According to THV11, Rowe is not concerned about being a terrorist target either.

Wirth expressed his concerns about mercenary-type fighting, believing warfare should be handled by acting professionals.

“The fighting of the war should be left to the acting military who are trained and know the latest consequences of what’s going on. If you want to volunteer for something, volunteer to help the veterans who have come back, people who need your help here at home.”

“It’s going to be dangerous but that’s a risk that anyone who signs up for this is going to be taking,” said Wirth regarding the possibility of Rowe and any of his recruits traveling overseas to fight ISIS.


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